Nine Steps to Eliminating an Allergy

— Mike Macy, LMT, CST, AT, NCBTMB

When you make an appointment for addressing your allergies, here is our treatment plan:
  • Find out what the allergen is, if you don't already know.
  • Find out from the body when allergy/sensitivity first began.
  • Find associated emotional content.
  • Determine which organs are affected.
  • Release content from these organs.
  • Energize organ if they request.
  • Ask thymus gland (our access to the immune system) if it wants energy.
  • Ask thymus if it can recognize the allergen.
  • Have thymus dial back its response to the allergen.

Here is what we understand….

Allergies often begin when a person experiences a strong emotion in the presence of an otherwise benign substance. When patients are willing to talk to their bodies, they can usually eliminate the allergy quickly and permanently.

The body is wise. Some part of it knows how the allergy began. The therapist can facilitate the conversation between you and your body, asking the right questions in the right order.

The thymus gland functions as the control center of the immune system. Highly intelligent, it loves to work with its owner.

Why continue with allergy symptoms? This treatment will can end your allergy and will enhance your health.
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