Up a creek, unable to travel? Can’t get to the clinic in person? Consider distance delivered sessions by phone & Skype with Mike Macy, CST, AT, LMT.

A leading combiner of CranioSacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation

Phone: 907-258-7261
Skype: mike.macy4
Web: www.healingjourneysak.com

A leading combiner of CranioSacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation CranioSacral Therapist for 20 years, Mike also treats by phone or Skype. These distance sessions are ideal for the house-bound or residents of remote areas like Bush Alaska where travel costs are prohibitive and manual therapists with advanced training are not available. Distance work is safe, gentle, and effective for figuring out what’s going on and resolving it. Mike has helped distance patients successfully address many conditions, including:

  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Headache, Backache, and Migraines; digestive challenges;
    • Vascular and nerve challenges;
    • Immune and Auto-Immune disorders;
    • Colds, flu, pneumonia, allergies, infections;
    • Endocrine disorders;
    • Emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues;
    • Musculoskeletal challenges
    • Fight-or-Flight,

What it is

During your session, Mike will talk directly to your body. Using his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and acupuncture meridians, he directs simple questions to the organs and tissues most likely involved in your challenge. Most of these are yes, no, maybe questions. Other common questions include when this problem started and what emotions, issues, beliefs, or attitudes got parked in your tissues at that time. He’ll ask If an answer needs to be further explored. All you have to do is say the first thing that comes to your mind. If that is too personal and you’re not comfortable sharing, that’s okay. All you need to do is hear the answer. All tissues need adequate, space, blood supply, and energy. In addition to that, the structures in the Central Nervous System need adequate cerebrospinal fluid. One by one, Mike will help you optimize the tissues involved and teach you how to work with your body on your own. If Mike feels called to provide advice, he’ll ask your body if that advice would be helpful. Often it is not. That’s okay. You’re learning to trust your intuition, team with your body, and retake control over your health.

Why it works

Mike creates the same safe space for you to do your work as he would if you were in his office. Most healing is 90% permission; in other words, if you give yourself permission to heal, most of the time you’ll get better. That begins with your willingness to engage with your tissues and their wisdom. While Mike can’t reach through the ozone and free up a restriction, he can lead you through the steps. Often, with chronic or acute problems and stubborn restrictions, afflictive emotions, issues, beliefs, or attitudes are at play. If you can find them, you will be in a position to choose to let them go. Your mind is very powerful. Your body will almost always do what you say/think/believe. The fact that it isn’t or hasn’t been strongly suggests an error in its marching orders.

Mike takes your illness or challenge seriously. Healing on the other hand doesn’t have to be. Often it is child’s play. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing, at Mike, at yourself, the horse you rode in on, or life.

A typical session runs an hour and costs US $90.

The Results of Distance Healing Sessions are Extremely Encouraging

Many distance patients have had
phenomenal results. When you’re beset by troubling or mysterious symptoms, just figuring out what’s going on is worth the price of admission. Resolving the problem is a huge bonus. Often, we’ve resolved numerous challenges in a single session and saved patients thousands of dollars in worry, doctor visits, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, airfare, and hotel costs.