Healing Journeys is based on the belief that the body has great capacity to heal. We practice the very best techniques to engage and assist this capacity. We lend our skills, knowledge, and intention to help patients regain and optimize health, and prevent illness and injuries. Healing Journeys Has Gone ‘Round the Bend | Healing Journeys Blog

Healing Journeys Has Gone ‘Round the Bend

Healing Journeys has relocated to Bend, Oregon! Read more.
Healing Journeys Has Gone ‘Round the Bend. As in Oregon.

After 42 years north of the Wall (mostly in Anchorage, AK), Lauri and I have moved to Bend, Oregon. Blame the long, increasingly dark winters; a fall on the ice, fractured femur, and hip replacement; and a sense that Alaska is “no country for old men.”

Some Bend locals complain of the dark, but the 45th parallel enjoys nearly 3 hours more daylight at winter Solstice than Anchorage. The December sun feels hot on the ski pants even on the shortest day of the year. Amazing.

To my friends and patients in Alaska, and especially our service men and women, thank you for the great times, the wonderful healing work you’ve done, and for teaching me so much. Best wishes. Heaps of love. If you need a local referral or distance work, please call. Please stay in touch.

To my new friends, neighbors, and visitors to Bend… Whether your focus is on physical, emotional, or spiritual health; getting well or healing an injury; optimizing athletic performance; or preventing injuries and illness, I look forward to helping you attain your goals. Let’s make your wildest dreams come true!

My specialties include:
• Eliminating pain
• Musculoskeletal issues including joints
• Arterial, venous, and neural restrictions
• Optimizing the lungs and heart
• Whiplash, concussions, TBI, and the CNS
• Immune & auto-immune challenges, allergies, and infections
• Digestive challenges, including GERD, Hiatal hernias, and IBS
• ADHD, Fight-or-flight, ACEs, and PTSD
• Stress management
• Physical and emotional consequences of assault, falls, collisions, and life
• Distance healing by phone or Skype, and
• Teaching health maintenance

Our name reflects the truth that healing is as much about the journey as the destination. I’ll remember your desired outcome and will do everything I can to make your journey as easy, swift, direct, and fun as possible. Give me a call. Let’s get started!

(907) 258-7261
Sharing space in
The Peaceful Heart, 376 SW Bluff Drive, Suite 1.
On the hill, behind the Mill.