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CT's New Friends: My Allergy Elimination Story

CT photo
When I started emailing this photo, everyone freaked out.
My husband called immediately. “Are you crazy? What the heck are you doing?!” he asked.

You see, I’ve been deathly allergic to dogs for years. The
least contact and I’d have to inject myself with epinephrine and race to the nearest E.R.

Then something wild happened. Mike Macy, a new coworker, was showing me CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. I’d mentioned my dog allergy, and toward the end of my session he suddenly remembered.

We only had five or ten minutes before my next massage patient. He asked me simple, yes-no-maybe questions, like:
How many years ago did you first develop a sensitivity to dogs?
Ask your body to show you something from about that time that’s related to the sensitivity, a person, place, experience, situation.
What’s the most significant emotion issue, belief or attitude associated with that?
And so on.

Soon as I got an answer, he’d ask the next. He didn’t even ask what the answer was. Then he led me through releasing the emotions. Said it was 99% about permission. That was a snap. Finally, he asked my immune system if it knew how to recognize dog dander and the like and would it be willing to dial back the response. It said it would as we ran out of time.

I wasn’t sure this would work. After all the doctors and medications and trips to the ER, this seemed way too easy. So it took me a few days to screw up my courage. I picked a dog that I know and like and asked my best friend to help. I had my epi pen out, just in case. But there was no problemo. My friend took the photo. That’s when I emailed everyone.

Meanwhile, Mike had gone on vacation. I couldn’t wait to tell him. When l bumped into him, I whipped out my IPhone and showed him the picture. He was clueless! I had to remind him. He seemed glad, but not surprised.

That was a year ago. I still carry my epi pen, just in case, but I haven’t reacted to any dogs since, and I have lots of new dog friends. We roll on the floor together.
C.T., Anchorage