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America’s Service Men and Women

America’s Service Men and Women

From October 2017 until September 2018, I was the massage therapist at the USAF’s Pain Management Clinic at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER, pronounced jay-bear) on the northern edge of Anchorage, Alaska. The Air Force is new to Pain Management, and JBER is their first and only pain clinic. I was the only massage therapist working for the USAF in the world.

Needless to say, this was quite an honor, opportunity, and challenge. It was an honor representing my profession

Healing Journeys Has Gone ‘Round the Bend

Healing Journeys has relocated to Bend, Oregon! Read more. Read More...

Partners in Healing: Mike Macy

Mike Macy is one of six practitioners in Affinity Film’s next release, Partners In Healing, which has its World Premier at the BearTooth Theater Pub, on Monday, October 2nd at 5:3 pm.  Read More...

Access Consciousness® Clearing Statements

Recently, I was up against an old persistent issue and decided it was time to act. Since 60 years of stoicism and patience had failed to budge the needle, I had to assume those ponies were departed, passed, gone to the other side, mort, deceased, dead.

Casting around in my mental tool kit, I seized upon the Access Consciousness work I’ve done here in Anchorage with my friend and colleague Amber Brand and her daughter Javian. You can reach them at

In particular, there is a little phrase that Amber invokes time and again when we encounter an obstacle. The words sound familiar, but seem a little gobbled-gook, especially as fast as she says them. Apparently, it’s the sounds--not their literal meaning--that trip all the tumblers in our conscious/subconscious lock and allow the desired change.

Access Consciousness discourages sharing their content on websites and socials media, but you can find their clearing statement at

In any case, I found and tried a pair of statements which struck me as good
for getting to the bottom of things. Within a few minutes, I’d struck gold: (had a major insight into the origin of the issue and was then able to move forward). Finally!!! Whatever your particular gremlins are, I suggest you give this stuff a try. What’ve you got to lose, anyway?

By the way, if you google Access Consciousness®, right away you’ll find all this fear-mongering garbage about whether or not it’s a cult. From my experience, this is a load of horse-pucky. Access is the antithesis of a cult because it is all about increasing consciousness and giving people all the tools to be themselves and choose and achieve what they wish. (If you’re wanting someone else in the driver’s seat, I can see why it would freak you out.) As for Amber, she may have a couple of kids but she’s more of a filly than a colt.

Access Consciousness®’ mantra is: All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!®

Check it out. A Sante’! Mike

What’s Healing?  Who Heals? 

I was recently repeating CranioSacral 2 workshop, taught by the incomparable Tim Hutton, PhD.   Tim reminded us that in CranioSacral Therapy—once you’ve mastered the techniques-- you really don’t have to do anything, just hold on, monitor the Cranial Rhythm and Significance detector, and let the patient’s Inner Wisdom or Inner Physician do what needs to be done.  This brought to mind several teachings I’ve come across lately.    
Anam Thubten’s 30 minute talk on Loving the World Madly is a real gem.  You can catch it on the internet at www.dharmata.org.   The first couple of times I watched it, it seemed like it started out slow—I think Anam is just getting things balanced out  with his audience.   In any event, once the train gets rolling, he covers a lot of ground.   The importance of loving the good and the bad, and how that begins with loving the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly in ourselves. Among other things, Anam mentions Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) also DBA Chenrezig, the 1000-armed Buddha of Compassion.   The current Dalai Lama is believed to be an emanation of Chenrezig.    Anam explains that Chenrezig means the one with the eternal gaze.     Friends who have met the Dalai Lama have said how healing his gaze can be, even though or because he sees, without any judgment--all of you in this and every lifetime.   Anam’s books include No Self?  No Problem!
Jump forward and backward to Sir David Hawkins, MD a world-renowned psychiatrist, spiritual leader, consciousness researcher, and mystic who died in 2012. Hawkins published at least 16 books, including Letting Go, I: Reality and Subjectivity, and Power vs Force.  In the 1970s, Hawkins coauthored Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling.   Over his career,
Dr. Hawkins came to believe that if he could simply look at his patients without judgment they might begin to heal.  Patients came from all over the world to see him.  Although many presented with the most intractable and disturbing mental illnesses, a significant number experienced spontaneous healing after working with Dr. Hawkins.   Many of his short talks are accessible via google.  Here’s a nice place to start.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_O_8oLGabs
If, on the other hand, you are suffering from an excess of navel gazing and soul searching, perhaps you have an excess of self-judgement.   Have a little compassion for yourself and listen to Sogyal Rinpoche 5 minute teaching based on a poem by Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche, “Rest In Natural Great Peace.”   Some of the text follows, but I encourage readers to go online, close their eyes, and listen to the reading with its accompanying music by Richard Page.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvo-CCtC3Zs
We’ve talked previously about the  gifts of imperfection (Brene Brown) and the value of self-compassion  (Kristin Neff).   David Whyte the wonderful Welsh poet on Whidbey Island sums it up nicely in his poem the Faces at Braga.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uErv9GUyZU 
If the therapist doesn’t have to do anything but hold nonjudgmental space, then it must be the patient who does the healing.  Are you thinking, “Gee!  Thanks a lot!”?  Don’t.  We were born to heal.  We are built to heal.   We are here to heal. You are the healer.  You’ve always had everything you needed to heal, and you are healing as you read.   Healing:   to make whole.  Or this wisdom from the donut box.:  

As you travel on through life, Brother (or Sister),
No Matter What Your Goal,
Keep Your Eye upon the Donut,
Not Upon the Hole!

New and Improved!

New! Improved! Even better than before.

A year ago today, I began massage school. My intention was to learn more about the body in order to better serve my patients. I also wanted a Licensed Massage Therapist license. I chose the Oregon state license because of Oregon’s rigorous and nationally-recognized credentialing process. (Alaska is only one of six states left that lack state licensing. Not to worry, I have been licensed to practice in Anchorage ever since the MOA program began here.)

I graduated from massage school in July. In August, though I’d passed it in 1996, I repeated the
NCBMTB National Exam—scoring a 387 out of a possible 400. On the third of October, I passed the Oregon Board of massage Therapists’ Practical Examination with an 89%, clearing the final major hurdle for my Oregon state license. The bottom line? Your New! Improved! Mike Macy is back full-time. I’m doing even better what I’ve always done well: tracking down and releasing mechanical restrictions and helping people overcome chronic challenges that have not responded to medical and chiropractic approaches--with even less muss and fuss than ever before. I’m also great with acute problems: accidents, injuries, surgeries, colds, flu, sinus infections, etc.

If you’re ready to move forward give me a call. Even if you’re not,
contact me anyway, I can probably get you there.

NCBMTB-Squared and Squared Away

The National Certification Board for Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork (NCBMTB) is the older of the United States’ two national certification organizations (the other is the National Association of State Massage Boards). NCBMTB strives to uphold and raise the professional standards for massage therapists. As such the NCBMTB is continually upgrading the standards.

Mike initially took and passed the NCBMTB exam in 1996 and has been an active member ever since. NCBMTB recently announced that all members certified prior to 2000 will have to re-take the exam in the next two to four years. At the end of August, Mike re-took and re-passed his NCBMTB national exam. As a result, Mike is one of the first in the nation to have done so. This latest re-certification is your assurance that Mike exceeds the latest standards in his profession.

Seasons Change...

Songs have spoken of changing seasons throughout the years. One croons, “Seasons change, and so do I….”
The words speak truth - we do change and conditions for healthy living change with the seasons! Mike’s article,
Staying Healthy with the Seasons, offers advice for the Autumn and its challenges to lving well. Post a print copy to remind yourself of ten important points!

Centrum - Your Onboard Personal Navigator

Centrum - a name you might recognize from the vitamin commercials. But it means more, and refers to something that does not and cannot be purchased. Read Mike’s short treatise by clicking Centrum in the Readings library. Then, contact him if you want to discuss how this applies to you and your ongoing healthy journey.

New Readings

Greetings -

Mike has been composing new writings and making these available on the
Readings page. One addresses issues surrounding cancer; the other highlights the role of the thymus in responding to challenges. When reading these, you may have questions or observations - contact us.

And don’t forget to review earlier postings. You might encounter something that is meaningful to your journey. And if we can be of help in resolving issues through alternative therapies, we welcome your request to schedule time with Mike.

What's in an Acronym

Mike Macy LMT photo Mike Macy, AT, CST-T, LMT, NCBMTB, LMT, MA and counting (working toward further credentialing in CranioSacral and Visceral Manipulation)

AT: Acupressure Therapist (1992)

CST-T  CranioSacral Therapist-Techniques Level  (Diplomate is next) (1999)
LMT     Licensed Massage Therapist  (2012)
NCBMTB  National Certification Board for Massage and Therapeutic BodyWork (1994)
MA Master of Arts  (University of Hawaii-Manoa--English 1987) 

Along with nearly three dozen workshops in acupressure, CranioSacral, and Visceral Manipulation, what this all means is there some serious training under Mike's saddle.  

Mike anticipates working toward his Diplomate credential in CranioSacral and his Techniques and Practitioner credentials in Visceral Manipulation.

Old and New, Dogs, Tricks, and Me

Mike Macy-RMT
Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks--or remember old ones previously forgotten?  

Last October, Mike enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage program at Alaska Career College.   Explains Mike, "I did this to broaden my knowledge and learn more about muscles and the business of massage and bodywork.  When I began my career 24 years ago, training opportunities were limited.   Now massage has become a legitimate, respected field of study.”  These many months and 920 contact hours later, Mike has graduated with honors and earned his Massage Therapist license.  At graduation on July 10th, 2012, Mike was Class Speaker.  Mike reports, "My primary focus continues to be combining CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Acupressure to optimize the body's deepest structures; however, when there is muscle involvement, I'll be much better equipped to treat it."  

Solstice and Summer

Now that the Summer Solstice has made its mark, we have urgency to get the most of each day while summer is still motivating us to enjoy its attributes. This is an ideal time to focus on the integration of mind, spirit, and body and to receive craniosacral therapies that strengthen your energy. Perusing the “Readings” may stimulate your thinking along these lines. You might also contact us for more information about our therapies, approaches, and training.

Springtime in Alaska!

After the record-breaking snowfall of last winter, the eight of trees in bud and grass turning green is a joy. Healing, in fact! People are outdoors enjoying the bright days and temperatures that require no bundling and boots. It is a time for activity, smiles, and joy!

It is also a time when daylight exceeds 18 hours a day - in June, the days are at their longest, and locals maximize their activity as a result. But the need to rest and refuel remains as necessary as when days when nightfall comes at dinner time. Remember to rest and regroup. Our treatments help with that - we recommend that you
contact us for treatment that will enable you to fully experience the summer with an open heart!

Time to Mount the Studded Tires

Elson Haas' classic, Staying Healthy With The Seasons, explains the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view of the impact of seasonal change on our organs and health.    Among other things, TCM associates fall with lungs and colon, grief, and letting go.   TCS associates winter with the kidneys and bladder and fear and will.  Winter is supposed to be a time of deep rest and inner journeying.   Think hibernation.   Haas advocates at least one acupuncture/acupressure treatment at the beginning of each of the five season( the familiar four, plus Indian Summer) to stay ahead of the health curve.   My associate, Jennifer Joliffe, can help with that.   

Another approach might be to work with our immune systems, through our thymus glands.  If we let it, our thymus will tell us if we're getting sufficient rest, hydration, and exercise.   Thymus will also tell us if we're dragging around some afflictive emotion that's compromising our immune system or if we need more or less of a particular nutrient or food.  If we take care of this magical gland it can perform miracles before our very eyes.   If you're not familiar with thymus, please look at Curing Colds and Flu in Readings.   If you'd like an introduction, call for an appointment.   I'm SouthCentral Alaska's only factory-trained thymus repair specialist.  

As we move into winter, it's a good time to see if there's anything you want to let go of so as not to drag into the den with you.   Given that we are supposed to be resting and repleneshing during the winter months,  winter athletes need to be particularly diligent to prevent  burnout, injuries, and "bonking".  Staying healthy through the year comes down to right work, play, rest, diet, spiritual pursuits, and relationships--with a healthy dose of luck and genes.  Regular service will help on all fronts.  

Judy's Story

Judy's Story

Judy lives in the Bush.  When her high blood pressure verged on a heart attack, the local clinic was able to lower it with medication and medivac her to town. The subsequent angiogram damaged a femoral artery. The repair surgery left her weak and shaken. She spent the next five weeks mostly lying down and thinking that she would probably not regain her former energy.  Also, though improved with new medication, her blood pressure remained quite high in the early mornings.

While in Anchorage for some meetings, Judy came in for bodywork. In the first session, we found and released considerable tension around her heart, aorta, and lungs. Judy left looking relaxed and relieved. 

The following day she sat through eight hours of meetings followed by a potluck.  Staying late to help clean up, she heard others complaining of being tired.  Judy suddenly realized she wasn’t tired--for the first time in months!  Walking home that night, she felt elated.  

Judy spent the summer sea kayaking, camping, berry picking, gardening - all the activities she has always done. Five months after her two sessions, she continues to feel great.  Her morning blood pressure spikes have ended, too.

Judy e-mailed recently:  “In February, I never thought I’d come back like this. I think it was your work that did it.” 

Buck, the Movie

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you may not like
what you see.” “People see me as someone who helps them with their
horse problems, but I think more often, I help horses with people
problems.” -- Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman and his horse travel the U.S. giving horse taming
workshops. He can have an unbroken, never-saddled, spooky young
horse following him around like a puppy in minutes--and saddled and
ride-able in 15 or 20. Buck can also articulate about what he’s
doing and why.

His horse work would be compelling enough for any film maker, but Buck is no ordinary horseman: Buck was physically and emotionally abused as a young boy. Somehow, for all appearances, he’s managed to overcome his history and cobble together a great life.

If you’re ready to jettison the baggage of a challenged past…
If you are looking for a little inspiration...
If you want to see what “healed” looks and feels like, I encourage you
to learn more
about the production, including he DVD release.

If you liked The King’s Speech, you’ll love Buck.

Memories: Past Life Experiences

There’s a lot of unnecessary fear and confusion about past-life memories. Perhaps this will help.

When a restriction in a patient’s tissues fails to release after a
few minutes, I typically ask the patient how long that restriction has
been there. If the answer is something like “always”, “a l-o-o-o-n-g
time”, or “forever”, I’ll usually ask: Is this restriction from a
previous lifetime? If this is a new patient, and the answer is
“Yes.” They may hasten to add, “Wow! And I don’t even believe in
past-life memory!”

You might think—as I once did--that remembering something from before your birth is impossible. But my patients regularly find content and restrictions from in utero, often from one or both parents. Past-life
is only one step further.
dreams artwork

Even without past lives, it’s still possible for you to carry memory
or content on your DNA from a direct ancestor’s previous lifetime or
to have in your unconscious metaphoric, symbolic, or archetypical
content. If content no longer serves you, the important thing is not
where it comes from, but being able to access and let go of it.

CranioSacral Therapy Gets “Four-Paws Up!” from the Cat!

In April, a new patient appeared complaining of chronic digestive challenges. Turns out, she was stuck in fight-or-flight. Typically, this has many adverse health consequences (see “Finally, A Magic Bullet... “ in Readings ). The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of the nervous system responsible for our safety. It gets stuck when we’re in a prolonged stressful situation and running away or beating the crap out of the stressor are not options. Read More...

Your Roadmap To a Wholehearted Life

Sociologist Brene’ Brown, PhD., has written a great guide for people who want to live wholeheartedly. The Gifts of Imperfection: Letting Go Of Who You Think You’re Supposed To Be And Embracing Who You Really Are summarizes ten years of research into what separates people who live wholeheartedly from every one else. For those wanting to upgrade their lives and operations, Gifts… is the perfect guide—and a great resource for patients who are discovering the connections between their health, life challenges, and old emotional traumas. Brown has been featured on PBS, NPR, CNN. For a sense of what Brene’ is all about, check out her two talks at TED.com/talks and visit her CourageWorks site..

CranioSacral Allergy Elimination Rocks!

Over the years, I’ve made many bullish claims about the effectiveness of CranioSacral techniques, and none more so than allergy elimination. I can appreciate that people not accustomed to bodywork/manual therapy might have some skepticism. Therefore, it was quite gratifying to hear from a patient just returned from driving from Northern California to Missouri and back to Colorado. She volunteered that she never once had a hint of any allergies despite exposure to a host of different pollens that had previously given her trouble.

Four years earlier, while she was in the midst of respiratory distress, we’d worked together for about an hour. We’d discovered what she was reacting to--dandelions, tracked down and released the associated emotions, and asked the thymus gland if it would dial back the allergic response, which it did almost instantly. In one hour, my patient had gone from acute respiratory distress to breathing almost normally--despite the scores of blooming and going and gone to seed dandelions just outside the open window. At the time, we were both extremely pleased and a little amazed at the effectiveness of
CranioSacral treatment for allergies. To think that that single treatment has lasted four years now, and counting!

Mike Attends “Expanding Present Moment Consciousness” Workshop

In May, Mike flew to West Virginia to take the his first advanced-level Healing From The Core workshop. The purpose of the course is to help practitioners stay more present during treatments so that they can provide the space and energy their patients need to do their work. The workshop involved working through some of the core issues that keep us stuck in the past or fixated on the future. Upon my return, most of my patients made quantum leaps in the quality and quantity of healing they were able to accomplish in a single session. This training is part of my ongoing commitment to work on myself and my issues this year so that I can be even more effective for my patients.

Healing at the Sacred Fire

This week, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers gathering took place in Anchorage, where grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein resides. She and other grandmothers who are healers held ceremonies at the sacred fire where many came to prayer and receive blessings.
It is wonderful to have the healing spirit of so many gathered here for this time. And it is equally wonderful that we are able to look our challenges ‘in the eye’ and respond to them. By combining the spiritual with corporeal treatments such as craniosacral work, we can aid in healthy life journeys.
Consider what craniosacral therapies might offer you as the seasons change and summer comes upon Anchorage. It is a glorious time to feel well!

Harder on Yourself Than You Are on Everybody Else?

Welcome to the crowd! Visit www.self-compassion.org, take the self-test, and find out how well—or ill--you treat yourself. Turn the questions in the self-test around, and each one points the way to better self-treatment, health, happiness, and success in life. The web-site also offers exercises for identifying and correcting negative self-talk. Consider working on self-care through our therapies at Healing Journeys Clinic.

Grounding and Healthy Boundaries Workshop

Mike attends “Grounding and Healthy Boundaries Workshop”

In Mid-February, Mike flew to Fairbanks for his first Healing From The Core workshop. This was the first of these workshops ever offered in Alaska. It is designed to help participants stay more present while doing whatever it is they do and tap into the ocean of energy that surrounds each one of us—rather than deplete our own energy and then make that energy available for patients to use during their treatments. This helps bodyworkers like Mike and other therapists and therapists like Mike avoid burnout while providing more powerful and efficient treatments, as many of my patients discovered upon my return.

Typically, Fairbanks is one of Alaska’s least windy communities, and winters are extremely cold and dry. However, the workshop coincided with one of the biggest 24-hour blizzards in the city’s history, followed by an intense ground blizzard. Spectacular! Best of all, Anne Harrison, my longest-standing Alaskan friend recovered miraculously from a nearly fatal staph infection in Pasadena, California, while I was helping her house-sitters shovel snow and hold down the fort. Anne’s physicians and staff in California literally danced when her numbers turned around. Billions of snowflakes in Fairbanks joined in the celebration. Hooray, Anne! And thank you.