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Visceral Manipulation

Are Your “Knickers in a Bind”?

In early September, Mike completed the Myofascial Treatment Center’s “Fascia- The Three Dimensional Web” seminar. This two-day workshop on fascia was taught by Richard Hoff, the Center’s Founder and Director. Mike’s early fascination with fascia led him to CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. He has always used fascial pulls to find and release mechanical restrictions in the body. However, in some ways, this latest workshop is a return to his and your roots.

Fascia is filament/film-like connective tissue that covers and connects everything in the body to everything else, from the largest structures down to a sub-cellular level. But fascia is more than just packaging: it carries neurotransmitters and water and conveys mechanical and chemical information from one part of the body to every other part. Also, although acupuncture meridians have never been found and dissected in cadavers, their presumed locations are well established and coincide with areas of increased capillary and nerve endings. Many acupuncture points are believed to be in the fascia itself, and not in muscle or visceral tissues.

Fascia runs in tubes and sheets parallel to the long axes of the body: the trunk, the appendages, etc. However, these tubes and sheets tend to merge at joints. Fascia absorbs and transmits impacts and other forces, which is one reason why people tend to experience joint injuries. Fascia often retains these mechanical and emotional traumas for years, even decades, unless and until they are therapeutically released by gentle pressure and tension.

So as is so often the case with old expressions, there is something behind the one about having “your knickers in a bind.” If that’s how your tissues feel, Mike is even more likely to be able to ease you out of your jam than he was previously.

Meat, Motion

Factoid:   It's not the meat, but the motion!  

Research by French Ostepaths show that visceral (organ) restrictions are involved with 80% of all musculoskeletal problems and are the cause about 50% - 60% of the time.  So if you have a bum shoulder, back, neck, arm of leg, perhapas the problem is somewhere else.  Look up Visceral Manipulation in
Readings, or contact us for more information. 

Ever hear of Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral Manipulation is one of the most powerful and specific new manual therapies. It also happens to have an ancient lineage. Visceral Manipulation frees up mechanical restrictions on the body’s deepest and most critical structures like the abdominal and thoracic organs, the brain, nerves, and blood vessels to improve their vitality and function. Visceral Manipulation gently breaks up adhesions and scar tissue that can limit movement and cause discomfort. It also improves circulation to the affected body parts. Visceral Manipulation relieves physical and mental stress and strengthens resistance to disease and infection.

French Osteopath
Jean-Pierre Barral is the father of modern Visceral Manipulation. Dr. Barral discovered the importance of organ position, mobility, and motility while working with respiratory patients and studying folk healers in the Alps. The author of ten books on the subject, Dr. Barral brought Visceral Manipulation to the U.S. in 1985 and has been teaching here every year since. The results and efficacy of Visceral treatments have all been documented using the latest scientific imaging techniques. Initially, Dr. Barral’s research and clinical practice focused on freeing up the obvious internal organs like the bladder, kidneys, colon, stomach, liver, lungs, and heart. He’s also an expert on the effects of mechanical trauma and whiplash and body-mind connections. In recent years, he’s focused increasingly on joints, blood vessels, peripheral and cranial nerves, and the brain itself.

Visceral Manipulation has been practiced the world over by hands on healers for thousands of years, in Tibet, Europe, Africa, the Americas—even in Alaska. Prior to the 19th century, Visceral Manipulation was widely used by medical doctors as treatment for many diseases, before medicine became fixated on surgery and drugs. Today, if you have a chronic health challenge, Visceral Manipulation may be one of your best hopes of avoiding surgery or a lifetime of medication. Mike is by far the
most highly trained Visceral Manipulation practitioner in Southcentral Alaska.

Visceral Manipulation Is...

Visceral manipulation is bodywork on deep tissue to improve the function od organs in the abdominal cavity. Read More...