Distance Sessions Testimonials

MR Washington
Complaint: Chest cold-lung infection lasting 3 weeks
Found and released emotional issues impeding the immune system
Improved the physical and energetic condition of the Thymus Gland.
Assisted the immune system identify and eliminate resistant pathogens in lungs and sinuses
Improved energy of lungs and sinuses.
Identified and addressed inadequacy of blood supply to the brain, including related emotional issues.
Determined that patient’s Central Nervous System had been stuck in fight-or-flight for decades and reset system.
Bottom line: Lung and sinus congestion gone; Breathing significantly improved.

RK Texas
Complaint: Chronic stomach issues: intense pain immediately after eating, vomiting. Patient wanted diagnosis and magic bullet—wanted me to fix problem.
Convinced patient to explore problem.
Found a pattern of patient parking unexpressed emotional pain in stomach and duodenum.
Helped release the emotional trauma and associated energy from these “incidents” from the affected organs.
Patient improved the stomach’s and small intestine’s energy as the organs directed.
Bottom Line: Digestive challenges departed. Digestion improved.

FS Georgia
Complaint: Chronic financial/survival issues.
Patient’s immune system reported that it was still challenged by a bug it had picked up in Asia the previous year.
We boosted the patient’s Immune System and helped it track down and eliminate the pathogens.
Central Nervous System reported that blood and cerebrospinal fluid supplies were inadequate.
We tracked down contributing emotions and corrected both problems.
Central Nervous System reported that patient had been stuck in fight-or-flight for decades.
We tracked down cause and corrected the problem.
Bottom Line: Patient reported feeling much better and extremely grateful.

DV Louisiana
Complaint: Patient Hospitalized with kidney infection picks up life-threatening MERSA infection
While doctors identified the pathogen and the most effective cocktail of antibiotics,
We found and released various emotions that were impeding the immune system, , learned what had weakened it in the first place, bolstered it’s energy, and learned what patient needed to change and do to better support it in the future.
We then troubleshot all the major organs and systems in the body: heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, live, gall bladder, bladder, kidneys, and various structures in the
Central Nervous System.

Bottom Line: Antibiotics and modern medicine saved the patient’s life. Patient was back exercising within two weeks and felt that we’d greatly enhanced his prospects for full recovery and accelerated his return to normal activities. In the three years since, we’ve worked together on a half-dozen occasions to address stubborn colds and flu, emotional challenges, and other issues.

ES Alaska
Complaints: Musculoskeletal Challenges, Chronic Illness and Relapses
Patient had a history of chronic illness variously diagnosed as Lymes Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, other, Endocrine Imbalances, etc.
Originally, our collaborations were mostly hands-on. I saw my job as teaching her to be healthy again and providing the space for her to do that. After two years working with me and a team of medical providers, she regained enough health to move several hours away from the big city.
We continue to do distance work when she either overdoes her physical exercise or gets triggered by something and needs a little help. Given her history, these setbacks always engender the fear that her chronic illness is back—even though she’s long since learned and healed what caused it.
Typically, we find what organs and systems are affected. How long it’s been there? What caused the problem in the first place? If there is emotional content involved, if necessary, what it was? Who it belonged to originally?
She releases all the emotions, issues, beliefs, and attitudes she finds.
She re-energizes what ever tissues request more energy. She obtains a prescription from the affected organs—usually for one or more of the following: more exercise, more rest, more water, and occasionally more fruits and veggies.
Sometimes she may be hiking or snowshoeing while all this is going on.
Bottom line: Each time, patient gets back on skis, snowshoes, or hiking trails for a couple of weeks or a month or more. She no longer comes into town for grueling and expensive rounds of doctor visits, For the first time in five years, she has a job and is back at work. At the end of distance sessions, her parting words are always some variant of: “What a relief! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so-o-o-o much.”