JBER Testimonials

Mike’s genuine concern for his patients immediately set him apart from the multitude of doctors I have seen over the years.  He simultaneously embraced the challenge of my pain along with my skepticism.  It soon became clear that his knowledge of the human body was surpassed only by his understanding of the human soul.  Over the course of a three months, he helped me overcome almost two decades of incapacitating knee pain and almost four decades of emotional blocks hindering my body’s ability to heal.  Thanks to his compassion and persistence, I am not only able to play with my three young kids but I can optimistically look forward to our adventures in the years to come.  

Mike, you have changed my life.  Your words of encouragement were timely. In one treatment, you were able to find the source of my pain, which had eluded modern medicine.  You had the ability to sense where I hurt and helped me to find a way to release it from my body.  I danced out of the clinic after that first treatment and shared my story with anyone who would listen.  Your ability to healing body and soul is uncanny, explanation.  Thank you for showing me the path to living pain free teaching me how to stay on it.  You have brought peace to someone nearing the end of hope.
P.C., Lt. Col., USAF

"Mr. Macy assisted me greatly. Although the odds of my legs being pain-free were slim, he never gave up and did everything in his power to make my life normal again. He ensures that you will be comfortable with him working on you. Our time was not only pleasant, motivational, and filled with good conversation, it also relieved my pain temporarily. Many people, from Physical Therapists to Doctors and Surgeons, have tried to assist me. Mr. Macy helped me the most. I wish him the best." N.V-A., USAF
Mr. Macy treated me from October 2017 to July 2018 at the JBER Pain Clinic.  I found him to be professional and very experienced. Specifically, Mr. Macy’s ability to “read the body” and find where my pain was stemming from was most helpful.  While, he was not able to cure me, his treatments were tremendously helpful. Often I would walk into his office with 5 out of 10 or even higher pain and 45 minutes later I would walk out with my pain down to 2 or 3.  I also found him to be most caring and compassionate.  Since my retirement, I am no longer able to use the Pain Clinic, but I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing persistent pain.
 E.B, USAF, ret.  

(The following comments were pulled from the USAF Pain Management Clinic comment box and passed to Mike from the clinic Manager without attribution.)  

Mike offered a relaxing and welcome environment.
You need 10 of him.
Great service!
Awesome bodywork service by Mike.

I had muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain in the right side of my neck and shoulder after a minor car accident in 2016. I began seeing Mike in 2017 to help resolve the issues. He provided a very comfortable and relaxing environment, and he really helps dial in the cause of the pain as well as releasing the restrictions within my body.

This is my last appointment with the massage therapist. Funding should be allocated to this field. I leave Alaska soon for Texas but still feel strongly that the good done by Mr. Mike outweighs the cost to employ him. (
The JBER hospital declined to fund Mike’s position, and the Air Force was unable to take over the funding on only five month’s notice.)

Mike has become very important person in my life. Opened my eyes to new treatment. Great attitude.

(The remainder of the comments come from Mike’s private practice patients.)

After I experienced a life-threatening motor vehicle accident, Mike provided craniosacral therapy to help me improve. It is an interesting therapy: you think very little is taking place as there is no pain or visual indication of something being ‘done’ to you. But I felt better and my thinking was clearer, so I know that something did take place. He is a very talented, very caring therapist.
— Mary R, Anchorage, AK

I’ve seen many doctors and massage therapists for my health problems. Nobody has helped me as much as Mike.
— R.C.

My life was an endless series of doctor visits. We were all focused on illness. Mike helped me find the roots of my problems and got me refocused on health. When I run off the rails, Mike puts me back on the tracks, over the phone or in person.
— E.S.

The surgeons saved my life, but I wasn’t really well. Mike found and released several restrictions on my carotid artery. Now that my brain has the blood it needs, I feel much better.
— R.M.

My team includes docs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and counselors. Love them all. But none of them have found even a fraction of the restrictions that Mike has released. Talk about a healing journey! I wake up each day full of gratitude and joy.
— S.U.

About a year ago, I was really stuck. Somehow Mike new exactly what the problem was, found it in my tissues, and showed me how to release it. Now I’m free. How does he do that?
— S.J.

I was in a Louisiana hospital with a raging staph infection. Antibiotics saved my life, but working with Mike over the phone hastened my recovery. Three weeks later I was exercising again. — D.V.

After I broke my legs, the surgeons put sieves in my iliac veins to protect me from blood clots. Four years after the sieves were removed, something was off but I didn’t know what. Mike hadn’t known about the sieves but immediately felt the restrictions pulling on my heart. He released one manually. When the other didn’t release, he helped me find and let go of the buried feelings holding it in place. My whole body relaxed. Doctors saved my life. Mike ironed out the wrinkles.
— R.M.

My whole life I had a life-threatening allergy. If you had told me that I could cure it in ten minutes, I would have said you were crazy. But that’s exactly what we did. Hello, doggies. Bye-bye, epi pen and E.R.
— C.T.

I’ve had a career ending ski wreck, a motorcycle accident, and a snow machine crash Saw Mike a couple times while visiting from Montana. Afterwards, my chiropractor and acupuncturist were so amazed at how my body had changed, they called him up and ask what he’d done.
— C. K.

I can’t believe how he finds these restrictions. They’re so subtle. Half the time, I didn’t know they were there until he pointed them out. How does he do that?!
— G.K.

I didn’t know I had lung restrictions. Each time he released one, my breathing improved dramatically. Each time. Then he showed me simple exercises to continue the trend. Six million breaths a year, year in and year out, and nobody ever paid a moment’s attention. Amazing.
— S.K.

I had really high blood pressure before Mike found and released a restriction in one of the arteries serving my brain. The doctor took me off the blood pressure meds after that.
— R.D.

My blood sugar was way out of control. My naturopath had tried everything and short of pharmaceuticals. Mike found and released a restriction on my pancreatic duct. Problem solved.
— T.S.

I had digestive challenges and a ton of other symptoms. In no time, Mike figured out I was stuck in fight-or-flight. We reset my nervous system. No more symptoms.
— M.A.

When I get the flu or a bad cold, I call Mike. There’s always some emotional piece. Often several. Soon as we release it, I start getting better.
— D.V.